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On this site, you will find all the information you need regarding GNU/Linux and BSD software. We keep the content updated to help you with issues that are related to the software. We have been in operation since 1999. We have, therefore, earned enough experience to offer reliable information and technical support whenever you need it.

You can contact us on email or phone for technical support. We have a team that is always willing to listen to you, understand our needs, and offer technical support. Our agents are courteous and professional. We encourage you to contact us as often as you wish. We accept constructive criticism as well as any other comments and we will be glad to help you. We also provide you with books, boot disks, and CDs at affordable costs. They are valuable sources of information that may answer any of your questions.

We hold monthly meetings which may either be formal or informal. If you need an idea of the number of people who will show up for a meeting, you can find that information on our emails. If you do not have as much information as you need, you can contact our Enquiries department. They will let you speak to the organiser who may offer more information as soon as possible. We accept your comments and suggestions. Over the years, we have received plenty of comments from people thanking us for our services. Others have provided us with valuable comments which have enabled us to grow.

If you want to keep track of our announcements, take advantage of our Phorum. We provide you with information about our meetings, books and software, classifieds, articles, and vacancies. Our articles provide you with tutorials, guidelines, and so much more. On the Phorum, you can sell your old kit. You can also find information on wanted kits. You get all the information you need in one platform.

We also participate in book reviews. You can get advice on good quality books depending on the information you want. Wrox books are the best for quality and practical advice. Their programmers use modern programming technologies to create applications that are compatible with desktop and many servers which run the web. You can find our reviews of Wrox publications on Wrox Logo. You can find reviews for O’Reilly books on their website.

The Free Software Foundation is the source for open source software. If you are looking for the best information on specific content, you can find the best books on The Free Software Foundation. Emac and other open source compilers use their publications as training manuals. Income from the sales is used to support the future endeavours of the FSF.

We have plenty of sponsors who have helped us to reach this level. Our sponsors include businesses, forex brokers, online casinos and universities from within and outside of the country. Blackwell’s is one of our leading sponsors. They provided us with floor space for our Linux Demo Days. They have provided us with books to help with the production. The online casino Mr Play Casino is another valuable sponsor that has provided us with support when we needed it. Other sponsors include Prentice Hall, Red Hat, ZuluTrade, Applixware, SuSe, VMWare, Wrox Press, Compusys, Transtec, Sheffield Computing Services, and O’Reilly books.