How Collaboration Can Work Wonders For Your Team

How Collaboration Can Work Wonders For Your Team

In this world of increasing competition and stiffness, the best help often comes from collaboration. Recently, our company Sheflug teamed up with Rankchecker to solve each other’s problems from a different perspective. For those who are unaware, Rankchecker is an online website rank checker that lets you track your website ranking on SERPs.

So, the idea for a collaboration started when we met with an old colleague of ours from Rankchecker. We were attending a common event and had a good time. In between the conversations, I explained how Sheflug is having issues with better rankings in search engines. We were trying all recommended tactics for improving our web results but to no avail. Our in-house SEO team was simply running out of ideas. In the meantime, we also learned that the Rankchecker team was having problems with web development on their cloud Linux server web, where one of their apps was hosted. Thus, we planned for a meet-up between both teams’ experts to see how we can help each other out.

Inside Details

The collab was hosted at the team’s office since they had a big hall opposite the entrance. After brief introductions, we got straight to the problems. Our problem was that we had trouble ranking our web pages for certain keywords. They had the backlinks in place, and their on-page was on-spot. But it turns out they were targeting the wrong demographics. Their target audience was America, but certain keywords were used in UK English. Google rankings are geography-specific. So it shows different search results in different regions, even when keywords are the same. This can have huge implications on your search rankings.

The next thing we advised the team is to use the Rankchecker tool to check keyword rankings on SERPs. This will enable them to view an increase or drop in rankings in real-time. Rankchecker scans the web intermittently and stores data on the latest search engine results. This will help you accurately gauge the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

Next, we looked at the issues faced by the Rankchecker team. They were using a cloud-based Linux server to store one of their apps. This stores the code on the cloud and makes it accessible all over the internet. 

One of their APIs was not responding to the queries and throwing a “500 Internal Server Error” message. The error logs didn’t help us much. Moreover, it was large. So we had no idea which script was causing the error. Next, we checked for permissions, all of which were valid.

Therefore, we had to examine the scripts since they were using CGI files. After a few minutes, we finally found the culprit, a misnamed file hidden deep in a folder. Such errors can go unnoticed if you don’t dive deep into it. We also gave some tips to the Rankchecker team to deal with these kinds of server errors.

Such collaboration was a boon for small-sized software companies like Rankchecker and Sheflug. It’s a great way to get outside help and consultation from experts. Not only did we save money, but we also had a good time. The meeting ended with a pizza party and a bottle of champagne. Since few employees at Rankchecker had already worked at Sheflug, they were rejuvenated.

We’d urge all companies to look for such meetings and collaboration whenever the opportunity arises. At the end of the day, you’d love every bit of it. We could only thank the Rankchecker team for hosting such a wonderful session.