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Most computer users do not realize that they use a modified version of the GNU system. Linux is the more widely used version of GNU. Most users may not realize that it is developed by the GNU project. Linux is only a part of the system. It is the kernel. It allocates the resources of […]

BSD stands for Berkeley Software Distribution. The Unix-based operating system was created and distributed by the Computer Systems Research Group. BSD now refers to any of its descendants including OpenBSD, DragonFly BSD, Free BSD, and NetBSD. Some proprietary versions of Unix are based on BSD. They include SunOS from Sun, Dynix from Sequent, NeXT’s NeXTSTEP, […]

Richard Stallman came up with the concept of free software in the 1980s. Free software means that the user is allowed to run, study, modify and distribute the software. The only condition is any redistributed version of the software has to stick with the original terms which include free use and redistribution. Since users are […]


On this site, you will find all the information that you need to know about us as well as different types of software including GNU/Linux and BSD software. We believe that providing you with updated and reliable content about different software may help you to make the right choice when you need to. Linux and SD are both free and open-source operating systems. Because of their similarities, it may be difficult to tell them apart. They use software that is similar to each other. They are more similar than they are different. However, each one of them has unique benefits. Most people refer to Linux as GNU/Linux. However, Linux is basically just a kernel. Linux distributions may consist of many different software pieces. The software other than Linux is what BSD software typically uses.

We will explain how these Unix-like operating systems are different from each other. One of the major differences is in the development philosophy and hardware support. Linux is a kernel while BSD is an operating system which also has a kernel. BSD comes from the Unix operating system. When you merge Linus kernel with GNU software, you get the Linux ‘operating system.’

It is common to assume that most of the present operating systems are related to Unix in one way or another. Like Unix, BSD is a closed source OS. Its derivatives are all related to Unix. Linux kernel and its distributions are different. As an operating system, Linux works the same as UNIX. Because of that, it is referred to as a Unix-like OS.

Hardware Support

Open source operating systems do not have proper hardware support. Compared to Windows, Linux based operating systems have an advantage. They experience a pleasant gesture from plenty of hardware vendors. BSD is not as popular as Linux yet.


Linux users can enjoy a number of distributions. They are all derivatives of Linux distributions such as Red Hat, Gentoo, and Slackware. Users can find distributions from independent Linux distributions such as Solus and Puppy Linux. BSD operating system is used to describe derivatives of BSD. The main BSD operating systems are NetBSD, FreeBSD, and Open BSD. We will explain the differences between these distributions.


Linux applications are available in pre-compiled binary packages. The two main formats are RPM and Deb. Users can install them using package managers such as APT, 10bet and Pacman. It is, however, different for FreeBSD. Users need Ports to install various applications on their operating system. There are over 25, 000 ports in the FreeBSD Ports Collection. They have the source code which a user compiles on their machine. It, therefore, can be uncomfortable for normal users. There aren’t many applications for BSD. The developers strive to maintain control over the situation. They do so by creating Linux compatibility package which may help with Linux applications on BSD.

We provide you with this and more information as often as possible. We hope that the information will help you to make the right choice of an open source operating system. Our website is meant to serve as a reliable stop for all your information needs. We also provide you with information about our sheflug.co.uk. You can reach us at any time with your inquiries, suggestions, or recommendations. We will be glad to respond to you and your needs.